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National Marshmallow Roasters Institute

"A Virtual Think Tank"

Jerry Grinstead
(aka: Mr. Mallow)

Personal Goal:

To spend more time with Mrs. Mallow!
(wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

President & Director of Social Liaisons

      Author of:
In your FaceBook


Tweet This - Sticky Fingers-Clean Mind

Communications Consultant,  Documentation Specialist and Head Marshmallow Roasting Chef at Chez Mallow on the Champs Elysee in Paris.

-- Roasting perfect marshmallows every time.

-- Roasting Therapy - a cure for the disfunctional family

Skewer Master, Douglas K. Grass, Esq., MS, ITSM


Favorite Toast: 
"Here's to our wives and our sweethearts...May they never meet!"



NMRI Real Properties Vice President and Hornet football analyst.
     Author of:
Mastering the art of Tailgate Parties - A roasters perspective
Early Art of Marcus Bausch - an Uninhibited Perspective
Ms. Susan Warner, RN, MSN, PHN, CPT

aka:  Mrs. Mallow

Unpaid Social Liaison

Head Coach, NMRI Olympic Roasting Team, Team USA

     Author of:
Coaching Roasting Teams: A comparative study in Roasting Coaching styles of the Midwestern United States and Metz France.

     Organizer of:
World Roasters Organization (WRO) Symposium Stockholm 2016 and 2017 - Mallow Judging Rules and Regulations Formalization.

Ms. Nancy Karasevich, MPPA, RN, PHN

Nancy with Susan at the annual Lake Tahoe LGBT Ski and Snow Roast

Personal Philosophy:
The most important things in life are:
1. to appreciate the perfect dirty Martini;
2. to do twice as much for others as is done for us;
3. to be somewhat happy

4. to appreciate the perfect dirty Martini (did I already mention that one?)

Secretary Under the President and Honorary Ambassador for Military Affairs

     Author of:
Roast in Peace: Mallow motivation in the corporate board room

     Thesis Topic:
Intellectual Virtues of Roasting and the effects of Metacognition on Mallow Lore.

     Organizer of:
Annual Northstar at Tahoe LGBT Ski and Snow Roast weekend.

-- Mellow Mallow Yoga

-- Balancing work and family as you pursue the perfect roast.

-- Persuading others to see things your way - or - "Skewer you!"

   Author of:
Dirty, 3-olive Vodka Martinis make me somewhat happy - A formula for life

Señor E. Favero, RN

Personal Goal:
To promote fitness and health in the workplace through Roasting and Exercise.

Quote most often used:

"English is my fourth language, so please bear with me while I find the right words."

NMRI Corporate fitness specialist.


     Author of:
Constipation Remedies for Mallow Roasters and Managers  (We can work it out.)

-- Keeping your body healthy in a stressful roasting environment.

-- The best of people skills from around the world - Roasting techniques of Peru, France and Italy


Ms. Tara Mallowvic, RN

Personal Goal:
To make and drink the perfect Mallow Martini.

Melavic's Mallowtini recipe:

1.5 oz Effen Vodka.
Swirl of Vermouth.
Shake (not stirred) with
ice 30 seconds.

Garnish with 1 olive under 2 mini marshmallows.

Drink and Repeat!

Most used quote:


"Honey - Watch the Kids while I taste-test these mallowtinis!"


Safety of Roasting Consulting Nurse, Public Information Officer and Media Specialist

     Author of:

Roasting Safely - An RN's Perspective

Colloquial Roasting: A study in contrasts between the Ligonier Indiana Marshmallow Festival and the Munich Mallowfest.

Annual NMRI Roasting Safety Conference.
How to talk to the media during a crisis - Roasting Tragedies in the News.
      Senior Editor/Publisher:

The Mallow Factor Newsletter

Master Roaster, KR Grace


Personal Goals:

To personally taste test every micro brew in German Village, Columbus Ohio and introduce Melavic's Mallowtini to each and every bartender in town.


To research and design the mallow color continuum for judges and event staff.


Vice President, NMRI Mallow Research & Development

   Author of:
Beer tastes good
... and
Beer tastes good - Volume 2

   Author of:
How to become a slumlord in 28 days without even trying.

   Lecturer on:

Researching the substitution of Marshmallows for Honey in Honey Pale Ale... A beer taster's perspective.


Organizer of:

The annual Bexley Ohio Mallow Fest and the Schiller Park Master Roasters Event - German Village

Roasting Judges Extraordinaire


Mat Brennan
Julie Sherman
Barry S. Mortimeyer
Bonnie Clark

Melbourne Australia
Kirkland Washington
Roseville California
Melbourne Australia


Senior NMRI Roasters/Consulants

Jesse Terry

Author of Pay fewer taxes: Incentives Modeling

     Author of Loopholes: An Ex-AIG Accountant's View

     Instructor:  FaceBook strategies, Warcraft (online gaming) techniques to implement in the workplace.

     Lecturer:  How working the Carl's Jr. drive-through window made me a better person.

Camille F.

NMRI Ambassador to West Virginia, where the state motto is, "We don't let no teeth git in the way of no morshmellas"

NMRI Director of Women's Outreach.

Author of The Mallow Monologues - Roasters Without Borders


Ana Harris
(AKA - Ana Duh)

Personal Goal:
To finally attend one Roasting event where no one gets burned, skewered, or ill from eating too many roasted marshmallows.


NMRI Safety Specialist - See Ana Duh CAUTIONS on the Tips & Tricks page.

International ambassador to Canada and formerly to the prison at Guantanamo Bay (You wouldn't believe how fast they talk with a red hot skewer at the ready).

     Author of Roasting in the Post-9/11 era - An NMRI Survival Manual
($9.95 barnesandnoble.com)

Paige Alesia, CRC

Quote most used by Paige:
"Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and his wife will eat alone.”

Certified Roasting Consultant (CRC)

Director of Children's Outreach, NMRI Michigan Operations, and

Reluctant Ambassador to that State down south -- aka Ohio.

Colby Allen, Esq

Esteemed vice-Chairman of the Board of Roasters, NMRI Northern Redding/Cottonwood Chapter.


Mike David &
Matt Robert

Co-treasurers, Doubles Roasting Champions, 2009, Co-captains, Ohio University Bobcats Marshmalow Roasting Team (GO CATS!), 2009-2010.


James Gerald, Esq

Student representative, NMRI Board of Roasters Liaison and Special Envoy to the Iraqi Governing Council, where the rule of the day is, "Never send a boy to do Imam's job."


Tyler Koons, Esq

Marshmallow Senior taster, tester, and toaster.

Mr. Buff-Puff Marshmallow Man, 2007-2008 (and Speedo Model)

Inventor of the RONCO combination roasting skewer, fishing pole, and sand wedge. "Never leave your wife without it!"


ZaK Warner, CRC

(ZaK the Mallow Maniac)

NMRI Special Events & Recreation Coordinator.

Winner of the 2009 Mallow Marathon and world record holder (that's running 261.82 meters while eating a full bag of Campfire Marshmallows).




Ryan Lee

Favorite Lure: The Shasta Fly.
The Shasta fly is one mini-marshmallow and one salmon egg on a hook. It'll knock em' dead!

Corporate marketing  representative, Coordinator of 2016 Million Roasters March in Washington DC & Bass Tournament on Shasta Lake.

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